Day 6 of 30/30

I had to paint two paintings today because I didn’t get any done yesterday.  One of them turned out amazing and one of them turned out really really bad.  On the same day.  What is the secret here? How can I paint a magical painting and then a few hours later, paint one that will have to be recycled?

The magical one is a painting of water.  Specifically, the wake that formed from the Port Townsend ferry as it unloaded its passengers.  With this painting, I finally achieved something I’d been hoping for for quite some time – to realistically paint water and the little wavelets that form in it.  I achieve the depth by glazing – lots and lots of glazing.  I love the result (can you tell?  At least you weren’t subject to my maniac dancing around the studio after I finished this painting).   FYI, as part of the inspiration, I listened to water music while I painted in hopes it would manifest in the painting.  Whatever works, ya know?

May there be much magic in your life.