Day 13, Back to the Clouds

I’m almost halfway through this month and the 30 paintings.  I’m starting to believe I’m really going to do it.  A far cry from “I don’t have time to paint.”  The last two days, I painted crows for a local show here on Whidbey Island (shout out – if you are going to be in Langley, Washington in October, stop by the Whidbey Art Gallery on 2nd street to see this annual show).  Then yesterday, (day 13), I was back to clouds.  My goal yesterday was to work on the 3D effects of my clouds.  I studied some cloud paintings that I thought were very three dimensional and then got started.  One thing I realized, between looking at paintings of clouds and actual clouds, was that they don’t always look particularly round.  Sometimes, there is little distance involved and they just lay there, flat in the sky.  Which doesn’t detract from their beauty, its just that I noticed it.

Anyway, long story short, I tried for cool shadows to contrast with warm light, and I painted the lightest lights near the darkest darks.  And then, just because I love it, I glazed a few bits with quinacradone magenta.  For pop, you know.   And here it is.  What do you think?

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